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. 26 July 2018
January 22, 2004
Peter Grooff posted an impressive lap in Day 2 of Silverstone testing with the new EIRE racer. He ended up less than 1 second behind new lap record holder McConkey!

After completing his allotted testing duties, Peter Grooff was quite pleased with his efforts for the EIRE team.

"It went pretty well today with a time of 1:19.2 I am not totally satisfied, but not unhappy either. We only did short runs today with setup work and so on".

"Too bad Scott wasn't able to do his testing, but even better for me, now I'm testing on three of the four days. I spun off a few times, 'cause I was trying to find the limit".

"Later on during testing we suffered some gearbox problems, we lost the seventh gear couple of times. But after we did a short system reset it was solved again, so no big deal. I hope I can go even faster tomorrow."

So, minor glitches for EIRE's new car, but its better to iron out the bugs in pre-season testing than during the race season!

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