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Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. 22 July 2020
October 16, 2004
The green and white sea of fans congregated at the grandstand speckled by yellow and blue for the two leading constructors for the crucial championship fights. However, the Simsoa team were clearly the centre of attention. The wet weather and even tyre conditions ended up with both of the drivers claiming 6th and 9th impressing the home team.

The team are happy with their end-of-season performance with the Cosworth V10s despite Ford's plans to pull out of the F1VWC, Lawrence Simpson is hopeful that someone will buy Cosworth as the team is keen to maintain the partnership if possible in 2005. "Cosworth have given us a reliable engine that has enough power to keep up easily with the rest of the field -18 points is much more than what both groups had thought was possible. I wish to keep the relationship going next year."

However, the new speculation that some current teams may not be continuing in 2005, Simsoa wish to re-affirm their committed determination in the league and this strong showing at Suzuka can only bring good fortunes.

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