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. 13 February 2019
February 10, 2010
Published on tags: Superleague
Red Archer Virtual Racing Team is happy to announce that the team and car presentation for year 2010 has successfully ended few hours ago. The event took place in Fortezza castle at Rethymno, where hundreds of people filled the castle theatre, agonizingly waiting for the hosts to go on stage.

The event was covered live by a local TV station for all those who were not lucky enough to assist the presentation. The TV station announced that the video will be available to the public online via YouTube for everyone that wants to keep it as a historic document.

The Rethymnians, while exiting the castle, declared excited and happy that their city will be represented in such a competitive league at such a hard sport.

Last night protagonists declared right after they went down of stage:

Leontin Nemet: "Wow, its not the first time i take part in such a presentation but first time i see so excited and thirsty for action people !!"

Micka?Folcher: "I cant promise championships and podiums but i can promise to these people a hard fight for any single point out there!"

Nikos Evangelidakis: "The event went well. Im happy that it was successful and that we gave joy to fans."

The video of the event.

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