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. 13 February 2019
April 12, 2011
Published on tags: Superleague
As three races of the new season are already past, the Red Archer Management felt the moment was ideal for making a review of the team's action inthe previous weeks. The team currently holds P2 in the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships, a result that even the most optimist fan would hardly have expect. Its time to reveal that, under so heavy and high level competition this year, the team's and drivers' expectations were limited to a top-8 in each race, which would logically bring a P4 or P5 in the championship.

However, many factors have now given the team an advantage and keep pushing the performance. One of them is certainly the engine, reliable, powerful and able to make the drivers build their performace on it and take the 100% in each race. Some first thoughts coming from Rethymno headquarters would reveal a plan of an early extension of the contract between the team and the engine supplier; however, those plans were discouraged by GPVWC admins since the rules dont involve engine negotiations mid-season.

Another factor that leads the team to score is the drivers' will for practice and evolution. A long and stressful pre-season plan and unlimited hours and miles of driving gave the opportunity to team mechanics to explore even more secrets of the car and make the most out of it giving the drivers a well regulated piece of machine. With China coming in few days and some upgraded parts installed the future will certainly give a chance to grab some important result.

Full Report on the Red Archer Website

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