January 04, 2014


Today Hawkeye Racing announced their driver line-up for the 2014 GPVWC Superleague at a press conference outside their HQ in Kendal.

Tens of people loitered around the venue as team manager Ric Scott was unveiled to the 'crowd' in a style more suited to an X-Factor judge. Once the smoke settled down Scott started the presenation.

"Firstly, before I announce our drivers I'd like to talk about last season" he started. "Although we finished 5th in the constructors compared to our 3rd in 2012 I feel it was a great year for the team. 2012 was a bit fortuitous with Jamez coming in and getting a lot of our points so I feel last year we had to graft more. Big thanks go out to Lewis Redshaw whose consistent performances got us 5th spot. I'd also like to thank Oskari Kantonen and Oscar Hardwick who both helped in the 2nd half of the season.

This year we are in a great position to build on 2013 in terms of our financial position so I wanted to ensure we had two great drivers so we can really make a push for some great results in 2014.

That's why I'd like to announce that the two main drivers for Hawkeye will be Gergo Baldi and Harley Hamnett.

I've been watching Harley in the Superleague last year and I was impressed with his pace in the ST. He has shown that he is very keen to improve and has that competitive edge which I was looking for as soon as I knew I'd need to replace both drivers. I'm looking forward to seeing Harley develop at Hawkeye and I think he'll show us what he can do when he's in a fast car.

Gergo is someone I'd only recently started looking at as I hadn't been searching for drivers outside of the GPVWC. I thought seeing that there's a lot of talent elsewhere it'd be worth looking at some. Having spoken to some other managers at the meet in Amsterdam I was recommended to get in touch with Gergo. I watched a few of his races in another league and saw he was an immense talent and I'm excited to see how he will compare to the big drivers in GPVWC."

The drivers then gave their thoughts on the season ahead:

Harley Hamnett: "Signing with Hawkeye is quite a step up up from ST, and witnessing what Lewis and Oscar did towards the end of the season, I'll be looking to continue that success and do everything I can for the team. This season looks to be the toughest yet, it's not going to be easy by any means, but that makes it that much better. Really looking forward to working with my team mate, he is obviously a very quick driver, we get along very well, and I can't wait to see how we go on track. Big thanks to Ric for giving me the opportunity!"

Gergo Baldi : "I'm very glad, to get an opportunity to drive in the highest category of the GPVWC, in the Hawkeye's beast for 2014. I'd like to thank this with the best possible results in the season, I will try to do my best. There are many new things in this championship, so I hope I'll pick up the rhythm very soon."

The reserve driver will be announced later on in the month.

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