January 16, 2014
Published on tags: Superleague ST Racing


ST Racing unveil their sponsors ahead of the 2014 season with a press conference from a holiday apartment in Arguinenguin, Gran Canaria.
Team Manager, Mark Fuller, apologised to the gathered members of the press, for calling them all out to this sun drenched isle, but blamed his wife for booking the holiday at this critical time (he swore the press to secrecy on this point). However, Fuller told the press that he had still been able to hold intense negotiations with sponsors and engine suppliers, stating that the world of the web was a wonderful thing.

Fuller went on to introduce the sponsors for ST Racing's 2014 Superleague season. Fuller stated that he could not take much of the credit for the first sponsor and thanked Calvin Hermse for his hard work in securing CubeLizard as a sponsor.

Fuller advised that "CubeLizard is an independent game development studio which was founded in 2013 by a group of people who take pleasure in developing video games."

"CubeLizard is currently working on a prison escape game called SENTENCED. Planned future projects include an RPG game based around the life of a gaming nerd and other exciting ideas".

Fuller then went on to announce the continued sponsorship of Dreamscience, the engine management and performance specialists, who would again use their expertise developing the engine mapping for the 2014 ST Racing engine.

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