January 20, 2014


Cornish outfit unveil new driver-line at team headquarters in St. Austell
Kernow have finished their two previous campaigns slap bang midfield, in seventh. To try and improve on that the Cornish Tigers have signed three fast drivers. Hoping they can build on last season's maiden podium. This means once again Wicks will not be taking a seat himself.

Spearheading the teams challenge this year is a driver who the team got to know well last season. Multiple race-winner Lee Morris returns following the winter break to try and lead Kernow into the Superleague winners circle.

His teammate is a driver returning to Superleague after a time-out. A previous podium finisher, Sam Millar joins the squad and completes our racing pair.

After recently approaching Wicks himself, and having impressed the Team Manager in last season's Supercup racing against him, the reserve seat will be taken by Menno Klont.

Other Team Personnel signed in recent weeks were; Jonathan Sinclair as Chief Designer. Previously at Woods Sinclair replaces Jedrzej Piotrowski. Daniel Diaz as Commercial Manager stays for a third season. Mersin Zrnec also stays on again as Chief Mechanic.

The team's engine production department, Krevder, will produce a new power unit for the season, the SA14. A deal has also been reached with Red Archer to provide them the SA14.

Wicks was clearly very optimistic for the coming season following this announcement.

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