February 02, 2014


YTF1 takes the wraps off their 2014 Formula Challenge car, dubbed the A23, and looks forward to the new season.

The sun rises over the Oulton Park circuit in Cheshire, England, on a cold winter morning. For some bizzare reason, something resembling a crowd has turned out to see a car under wraps in the pitlane. Maybe they were here for something to do with a certain Superleague team based here...
It turns out, however, that the press is indeed here to see the big, red curtain being lifted off the YTF1 car. That car is YTF1's Formula Challenge car for the 2014 season - dubbed the A23 and set to be driven by Wopke Hoekstra and Adam Ozgur.

The sole representative of the team here today is team principal, Matthew Allington. It happens that the drivers (along with Wopke's chassis) have already been sent to Turkey to prepare for the pre-season test at Istanbul Park. Thus it is left to one man to attempt to remove the curtain, rumored to have been borrowed from a local theatre, and unveil the A23 to the world...

"It is with great pleasure that we launch our new car - for starters, I think it looks spectacular - but we also have much to look forward to over the coming year. I am confident that we have a strong driver lineup, even though this year will, without a doubt, feature the most competetive Formula Challenge grid ever. Wopke was a race winner in the series last year, so his talent is not in any question - to add to that, he's been nothing short of a pleasure to work with so far, and long may that continue!"

He continued: "I have to say, Adam slipped under my radar a bit when he first arrived at the GPVWC, but having seen his testing times (and a message from an unusually loved-up Menno klont!) I decided to give him the seat. There's more to it, though - Adam has over 10 years of sim-racing experience and it's shown in his ability to quickly adapt to the car. I have no doubt that both of our drivers this year will form a strong partnership this year."

"...anyway, I doubt that you want to hear me blabbing on any longer, so without further ado, I present you... the A23!"

Fresh from the paintshop, along with Adam's helmet, the new car shines in the sun. Allington then proceeds to borrow Adam's helmet and jump into the car, start the engine and set off for a demonstration run around the Oulton Park Foster's circuit - the results of which were later transformed into a pretty snazzy video for all to see...

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