February 10, 2014


Morten Wernersen, manager of Viking Racing, has called the press to Sunny Copenhagen, Denmark to unveil the team's drivers and car for the 2014 season

Known for not being a big speaker he quickly grabs the mic.
Hello everyone, happy you all could make it, I'm delighted to be able to present to you a full driver lineup and our 2014 contender.

We will start out with the drivers.

Driving the #16 car this year will be Ben Hackeson, he started driving for us alredy last year, and impressed in his first race in Germany by taking points, he is a very talented driver so I'm very happy to be able to sign Hackeson for the 2014 season, and I hope he will have more luck in the season now that he issent driving the cursed nr. 41

Ben Hackeson comments: I'm excited for the new season to start, hopefully staying on at the same team will provide some consistency to my racing. My ambitions for this season is to continue developing as a driver and hopefully nick a few good finishes over the season. The grid is really strong this year so I'm not expecting any fireworks at the start of the season.

Our 2nd driver for this year driving the #17 car will be Ben Horrill, Horrill, alredy having flirted with Superleague this year as test/reserve driver, is deffenetly one to watch, still recovering from a broken foot we hope he will be fit, and on the grid, along side Hackeson by the time of the first race in Melbourne, Australia

Ben Horrill comments: I'm very pleased to find a full race seat to completment my superleague testing role and very thankful to the Viking guys for providing me with a seat in such a great team. I look forward to the season and getting some results.

While the drivers remove the covers from the car to reveal the 2014 livery, Wernersen takes the time to comment: This year we have a very simmulair livery as last year but it has been redesigned by Doug Hillard from Zeddrik Designs, one of the new features is a Dragon on the front, said to fend of evil foe and bring good luck, we really hope it works!

Lastly Wernersen comments a little on the teams expectations for the coming season: Obviously, we want to do better here in our 2nd season in Formula Challenge, last year was a real struggle from the very start, hardly being able to find drivers for the first couple of races, and not scoring any points until the middle of the season in Turkey, then having to completly resign 2 new drivers halfway in, was not really an ideal situation, we managed to end last year well, and we really hope to to bring that good form with us into the 2014 season, finishing in the midfield, would be a good result for us.

And with that we want to wish everyone a good season, and see ya' in Melbourne!

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