February 16, 2014
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Red Archer VRT unveil the RA214, to be driven by the team's drivers for the season; Tommy Hagen, Deividas Misiulis and Ben Horrill.

Soon after the last official pre-season test at Istanbul the team flew to Melbourne for the start of race preparation. However day one was not like . . . a full day. Drivers took the cars out for a drive around Melbourne for the purposes of photo/video shooting since it was the first time that the 2014 livery would be presented to the public.

Also the new team driver Deividas Misiulis had the chance to introduce himself and make his first public laps with the 2014 car, which is more black this year to be honest. The Lithuaninan rookie signed his first GPVWC contract as a reserve driver for the team a day before the last official test.

Melbourne race is expected with high sights not that much cause the car is expected to be significant upgraded but mainly cause nobody can know the pace of the new team drivers, a test for all, a test for joy !

Stay tuned at redarcher.tk

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