February 16, 2014


Nijo unveil the livery which will decorate the NR-14 throughout the 2014 season, to be driven by 2013 runner-up Ruud Heesterbeek and fellow Dutchman, Tom van der Voort.

With intense preparations firmly under way for the season opener in Melbourne, the Nijo Racing team took time out of their busy schedule to show off the team's 2014 colour scheme at the Albert Park circuit.

Just like the team's interim test car design, this year's livery take a slight step back and draws inspiration from earlier Nijo designs while retaining the fundamental green colours that have become synonymous with the Nijo simracing brand.

The team is said to be feeling confident for the season ahead and are hoping to repeat the success of last season despite a marked increase in the competitiveness of the Superleague.

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