February 27, 2014
Published on tags: Superleague


For the past week the Phoenix F1 racing team have been preparing for the opening event in Melbourne, Australia. Their base has been the Gold Coast, near Brisbane. And it's from here that the team launched their Superleague car for the 2014 season.

Gone is the 'gory' livery from 2013. "That served it's purpose" confirmed team owner Andy Graydon. "TV coverage throughout the season definitely got the team some airtime, even if it was to comment on the, erm, 'bright' livery - shall we say! And airtime, even though we were rarely in the top ten finishers, is a good thing for the sponsors."

And indeed, the PF1- 06 launch shows a tightly packaged car with a stunning livery penned by driver Boyd Bryson, with the collective input of his team-mate Kieran Ryan and team boss Graydon.

As the drivers continue their fitness training on the beaches of Surfers Paradise, the team are preparing to fly down to Melbourne in the next day or so, eager to see how their new charge will fare against it's rivals.

"We've got last years championship winning engine in the Potentia PGE-01 and, together with advanced mechanical and aero features already on the cars for the opening race, a development program is in full swing back at the factory".

Could these be the start of exciting times ahead for Phoenix F1? We'll find out at Albert Park in a few days time.

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