April 01, 2014


Cosmo Autosport prepares to enter their first competition at GPVWC.

Cosmo Autosport. Not necessarily a name you've heard of, but that's the name of the team who secured the 19th spot in the 2014 World Sports Series roster. Based in the Northern city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, and led by the self-proclaimed Taki Inoue of GPVWC himself - Joshua Anderson, the team has experience in various series in other leagues, but has yet to participate in an official GPVWC season. Until now.

It's an early, sunny morning in Monaco. Traffic is up to the figurative rooftops, with something resembling a crowd developing (or just a bunch of angry tourists, stuck in the congestion). The reason? Despite the fact the Monaco Sports Series will not take place until April 30th, Anderson has somehow managed to convince the local council to get the street circuit set up for his team's cars to do some running there, whilst Lewis McGlade of Aurora Designs is on hand to snap some shots of the team's two Porsche 911s. The team principal is standing, ready to give a speech.

"I'm absolutely thrilled that Cosmo Autosport secured a place in the 2014 World Sports Series. The GPVWC is a fantastic league, and I'm honoured my team can be part of it. I'm sure we will be able to prove to everyone why we were granted this place. Cosmo Autosport believe it's equally important to nurture new talent as it is to give existing talent a new environment, and I believe our 2014 World Sports Series line-up shows this better than anything else."

The team will field the #38 and #39 cars in the World Sports Series. Driving the #38 will be Rob Mason; and in the #39 will be Cameron "Bowser" Brewster. Whilst Cameron's experience is evident enough from his many ventures in GPVWC, Rob has vast experience in touring cars and similar vehicles, but this will be his first GPVWC venture.

Eventually, it was time for the cars to be revealed - and just in time too, as the local police had turned up to see just what all the fuss was about. Fresh from the workshop of YTF1's own Matthew Allington, Cosmo Autosport's 2014 WSS challengers were already gaining a lot of attention. And that was even before the engines were fired up. Soon enough, the cars were up and running, roaring round the streets of Monaco, and Lewis was there to capture the highlights. It didn't last that long though, as the PD decided they'd had enough and sent the team packing after a short while.

So, with Rob and Cameron ready to race, and the two being partnered by reserve drivers Thijmen Nabuurs and Florea Calin, it would seem Cosmo Autosport are aiming high and looking forward to the 2014 WSS season! (That is, if they don't get the cars impounded before the season-opener in Bahrain on the 2nd April...).

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