April 15, 2014


GPVWC is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Spearhead Platoon, a tactical wargame and tank simulation set in 1980's Germany to be available on iPad.

The deal will see Spearhead Platoon become title sponsors of the Monaco Grand Prix across all Career Ladder events and of the Master Series' Indy 500. The game's branding will also be featured on trackside advertising in all official GPVWC events.

Spearhead Platoon, developed by Stormcharge Ltd, sets off in the Fulda Gap in West Germany, where a Soviet invasion threatens to unleash nuclear war in Europe. The player assumes the role of a tank platoon commander tasked with holding the defensive line during the first 48 hours of the conflict. More information is available on Spearhead Platoon's official website.

William Ponissi, GPVWC.com Administrator: "It is great to welcome Stormcharge and Spearhead Platoon to the GPVWC family. Innovation and immersion in gameplay have been the mainstay of our organisation, and in Stormcharge we found a partner that embodies these ideals perfectly. We have been impressed by the development of Spearhead Platoon and we are proud to help bring this product to our gaming community."

Markus Kantonen, Stormcharge Ltd: "We in Stormcharge, the developers of realistic World War III battle simulation Spearhead Platoon, admire the passion and the skill shown by the drivers, the broadcast team and the organisers of GPVWC. Stormcharge is a fitting partner, sharing the same drive for realism, passion for detail and will to excel and we are grateful for this chance to be associated with this most enjoyable league."

About Stormcharge Ltd
Stormcharge is a privately held, independent game studio based in London, UK. We are dedicated to bringing you unique game experience that you will enjoy. We enjoy various genres of video game and we are combining some genres to form a new game experience.

Spearhead Platoon gameplay video

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