April 23, 2014


Superleague outfit Red Archer VRT unveiled a new livery as the team undergoes a major brand restyling before the Spanish GP.

In the hunt for points, Red Archer is for a week now at Barcelona where the Spanish GP of GPVWC SL will take place tomorrow. The Greek team not only brought few more upgrades for this race but also a new look for the cars. Brand new livery and some new sponsors will now push the "reds" to the mercyless fight for points in 2014 championship.

The most significant change on the car is the change of team logo at the back of the driver which is actually silver with red border. Red and black again take part of the most surface while white is now more frequently met in sponsors logos.

Meanwhile in racing part, Red Archer will bring in reserve driver Horrill to replace Misiulis, partnering Hagen in a race that any point is important and crucial. The car is expected to carry the last upgrades of the season to take most aerodynamic out of Barcelona's fast circuit.

See also http://redarcher.tk/

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