June 07, 2014


Ken Hunter, veteran race driver, is joining Deltec Racing Team.

Ken started his real life racing career, driving in the Formula Vee Series, & Alfa Giulietta Cup at Kyalami in South Africa.
Ken even built his own Formula Vee car!
He also participated in 2 'Roof of Africa Rally' Events in his 'younger' years.

In 2003, Ken got hooked on Sim Racing. Starting of with Nascar 2003 (RFactor), Ken progressed to various cars & mods, including iRacing, Race07 & RFactor 2.
He also participated in a full 24 hours Le Mans event at the South African Racing League. Ken also drove for Scott Beck of Rothmans Racing (FSR) for 3 years.

Marius, Team Manager:
" It is such a pleasure and delight to welcome an old friend to our team, and more importantly to the GPVWC league.
I know he will fit right in. He brings a lot of experience to our young team, which is very much needed.
So a very warm welcome here! ".

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