July 14, 2014


More than half of the 2014 season races have been completed and Red Archer announces that the development of the 2014 car will stop until the end of the season.

Many races have passed since the red/black car had received an upgrade but in the plan of team manager was to order one final diffuser or weight upgrade for the remaining 6 races of the championship.

However at an emergency team meeting at Rethymno headquarters, team race drivers, whose future in the team looks long and bright, declare willing to continue to drive the same car to the end of the season instead of spending money and critical development points for one more upgrade that can be more useful next year.

That was a bit of surprise for the manager who happily though accepted the suggestion of the drivers announcing officially the decision today.

An other big issue than Evangelidakis has to deal with is the official deposit of suggestions/ideas that is willing to make to the GPVWC admins during the Summer break.

As most of the GPVWC members know some of the past seasons problems disappeared in the current season but others, like the evolvement and the correct application of the Research and Develoment procedure for the teams, is still present and hot.

Red Archer is going to propose changes to the majority of the GPVWC Superleague sections with the hope for a more fun, realistic and fair framework.

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