August 20, 2014


The Greek Superleague team fielded its proposals for developments in the coming season.

Red Archer VRT Team Manager Nikos Evangelidakis highlighted his proposal in a memo sent to the international press earlier this morning.

"I will quote here the most important suggestions of the plan, detailed explanation at and GPVWC forum.

Team personnel
Has not changed faces for couple years, we know the skills of those guys, some more randomization and the element of unknown could enrich the procedure of personnel bidding and not allow teams know who is who.

Sponshorship bids
Its sad to see teams go to round 2 or 3, losing great money and being forced to cut development or anything. Unsuccessful bids should get a lower package or have some kind of penalty but yet less harmful than going to round 2.

Following F1 calendar is not what GPVWC has ever adopted, the return of non F1 tracks is something i would like to see at SL 2015

Research and Development
Reserve drivers carry the load of RnD points gathering this season. Some of them dont even do any race in the season, just wearing the hard compound and lapping around each track. A short reserves race before the real race with some kind of positions reward system could increase joy for reserve drivers and the spectators in general.

About available upgrades i guess replacing air upgrades with others like brakes and gearing etc is a must !

For me the most important change for next season can be the way that upgrades come to teams. Teams can still order and receive upgrades as usual (not being able to max out before half season though) but they cant use ALL of those upgrades i race. Instead they must assemble a package consisting from only a percentage of the available upgrades (say 60%) depending on the needs of the next track. Managers and drivers then will have a big headache before every race and the cars' performance will vary and maybe surprise at each event.


Moving to 4 dry sets and 2 wet sets with the option to select 2 dry only for each race will certainly give more strategy options and more fun in races cause teams will possibly make different choices bringing different results !

Thats all for now and from me, hope i helped with the planning of the new season, when time comes ;)

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