August 21, 2014


Press release from Ric Scott, Hawkeye Racing team boss regarding Wednesday evening's news.

"Hawkeye Racing were informed on Wednesday by GPVWC Management that an investigation had been carried out over the summer on one of our drivers and they have come to the conclusion that he had tampered with his log files. Due to this, the driver in question has been banned from the league and his previous results have been taken away.

Firstly, I'd like to make it clear that Hawkeye Racing do not condone cheating in any form and we're devastated to hear that one of our drivers has been found guilty of trying to gain an advantage illegally.

The GPVWC Management have assured us that their investigation has been thorough and that they sought help through people outside of the GPVWC and they are in no doubt that some foul play has occurred. We have received an explanation from the rFScan creator as to why his log files differ from how it should be and we accept the findings. From the brief conversations I've had with Harley it seems that he will not be contesting this and was considering stepping down at some point anyway due to the arrival of his second child.

I'd like to reiterate that Hawkeye had no knowledge of any third party software being used. Both drivers spent a lot of time practicing and discussing setups and had both put an enormous amount of effort into their seasons so it's hugely disappointing for this to happen which has been a massive blow to our season.

The season still goes on though and we're determined to finish as high as we possibly can. We have already started searching for a replacement for Harley and will make an announcement with regards to that in the next few days."

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