August 26, 2014


British outfit look to bounce back after a rough week off the track.

After the recent exclusion of Harley Hamnett from the league, Hawkeye had a big void to fill. Given the competitiveness of the Hawkeye machinery, the empty seat in our number ten car was sought after by a wide range of drivers from all over the league. The decision wasn't easy at all. When faced with a mountain of applications from drivers with incredibly competitive resumes, one has to keep track of all kinds of factors during the hiring process.

After careful consideration, we are pleased to announce Sven de Vries as a part of the Hawkeye team for the remainder of the 2014 Superleague season. Sven will be taking on the five remaining races alongside teammate Gergo Baldi. The pair has drawn a fresh and inspiring surge of motivation from our current situation and the unfortunate events that preceded it, and both Sven, Gergo and the rest of the team are determined to extract the most out of the limited opportunities for recovery that lay ahead of us before seasons-end at Brazil.

Ric Scott, Team principle and Owner of the Hawkeye team had this to say about the recent signing of The ever impressive Supercup talent:
"I'm delighted to have a driver with the talent of Sven joining the team. Our technical director Andreas Wauters was assigned the task of picking a replacement for Harley and I know he's put a lot of effort into finding the best driver for us. I'm confident that both Sven and Gergo will have a competitive remainder of the season and will do their best to move Hawkeye back up the constructors table."

Gergo Baldi is pleased as well and looks forward to working with his fresh teammate:
"Sven is a really fast guy, we could see that in the Supercup, so I'm sure he'll do great races for the team, and I think this is a great chance for him too to show the potential he has for the whole GPVWC. Welcome Sven!"

Sven himself is looking forward to the opportunity as well (luckily! :D ):
"I'm extremely excited to be driving for Hawkeye. It has been a fast car all year and they can often battle for the podium positions. The team seems to be organized very well so when the opportunity arose I did not have to think long before making the decision. I'm curious to see where we'll be at on Monza but I'm confident me and Gergo can deliver good results in order to bring Hawkeye into 4th position and potentially even attack Nijo for 3rd, time will tell."

With this strong and competitive line-up, the team is looking forward to taking on the remainder of the season. One thing is certain: Hawkeye is alive and kickin' and we'll not rest until we've fully crawled back on our feet after this mayor blow!

Cya on track at Monza. ;)

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