September 02, 2014


James Kirk details all you need to know before the final round of the 2014 World Sport Series season.
What a wonderful third season of the World Sport Series we have had. Fantastic racing, equally matched competitors, penalty weight taking it's toll and now most recently an expulsion from the series shaking up proceedings even more! Late to the party or want to know the basics of what to expect from tomorrow evening? Look no further.

The Drivers' Championship

Following the removal of Harley Hamnett and his results from the championship due to illegal actions during all race evenings, the Drivers' championship can now be won by six drivers.

Those with the wildly outside chance are Eric Stranne and Kevin Siggy who in Race 1 at Monza must not finish any lower than 12th and 8th respectively if they even hope to still have a chance of taking their title hopes into the final race.

The main four title contenders are now separated by 9 points. David Jundt, the man who has led the championship for the longest amount of time this season, leads on race wins alone as he and Jesper Taulborg share top spot on 193. The two Edonis Engineering drivers, Ruud Heesterbeek and Sven de Vries, lie 8 and 9 points behind this tally essentially meaning that unless one Smile Power Racing car wins and either Edonis retires, they are pretty much guaranteed to take the fight to the last race.

Your championship leader provides the biggest unknown as Race 1 will likely make or break the championship. Carrying 45kg into qualifying at a track like Monza will likely do Jundt lot's of harm though as a Race 2 specialist, he may just be able to bring it back. Taulborg has been consistent all year along with Heesterbeek but one to watch out for is 4th placed Sven de Vries who takes in only 18kg of weight and may just get the little bit of luck he needs to snatch it at the last.

The Teams' Championship

Only three teams can now mathematically win the Teams' Championship. With neither Torrent Motorsports nor Midnight Motorsport anywhere near the top, we'll have the third different team in three years taking the title in Monza.

Currently leading by 17 points, Smile Power Racing took hold of the championship lead and have looked hard to knock off the top at all times this season. By no means do they lead by an unbeatable amount however and with both drivers carrying the most penalty weight available to a team, they may have to rely on a recovery of points in the final race of the season.

Edonis Engineering have always been the closest rivals to Smile and one might argue that they have been extremely unlucky this year in having both drivers involved in incidents neither could do anything about. Nevertheless, they still find themselves with only 18 points to gap and take the title for themselves, with less weight and a bit of much needed luck, they could just do it.

Our final contenders, Ice Cold Racing, have quietly gone about their business but in quiet a bit of style. The team has racked up six pole positions out of the nine rounds so far and has always been there, just not quiet at the sharp edge like Smile and Edonis. The exclusion of Hamnett from the championship has seen this team benefit the most though and the Norwegian outfit now lie just 1 point behind heir Dutch rivals. With the least weight out of the three and with their impressive pole position tally, it would be hard to bet against either Eric Stranne of Fran Lopez taking the first race win of the evening.

Of course there are plenty of other fights to look out for. Who will take the wooden spoon? Can Enterprise GP recover from their lose of points due to Hamnett? Will we see Cameron Brewster enter the top ten again after a breakthrough season?

Tune in tomorrow evening, you don't want to miss it.

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