September 25, 2014
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Ruud Heesterbeek, Sven de Vries and Kevin Angwyn have recently been signed onto the Walk Racing team.
Ruud Heesterbeek, Sven de Vries and Kevin Angwyn have recently been signed onto the Walk Racing team, bringing with them years of experience in the simracing field as well as making the team even more competitive in the numerous series that Walk Racing compete in.

This signing expands the team's reach in the simracing community, allowing for the team to compete in a wider range of series, with a range of drivers which maintain the high standard of experience and talent which the team has been able to field in their cars thus far. Thomas Hinss caught up with each of these drivers and quizzed them on their reasons for joining the Walk Racing team and their initial impressions of it.

First up, what were the reasons which drove the three to sign up with Walk Racing?

"Walk is a professional racing team who have signed plenty of fast drivers" says Sven de Vries. "When Bogdan and I started talking I quickly noticed that we shared the same passion and ideas which made us bond easily. I race to win and Walk shares that thought, we do not race simply to drive but we race to compete."

"I joined Walk Racing because I think the team is very professional and they have proven to be successful in many championships across different leagues." explained Ruud Heesterbeek.

"I think Walk Racing is a really well known team in sim racing with top drivers and they keep improving all the time" says Kevin Angwyn. "Recently winning the TPS VMC and are front runners at SRP Mini Challenge; it was a 'no brainer' when Mr. C offered me a drive in the team. I accepted it straightaway."

What were their initial impressions of the team?

"The team seems professional" said de Vries. "The drivers are motivated and practice a lot to assure the team puts down a stunning performance each race. From what I can see the team does not simply put in 100%, but 110%."

"The team has a lot of potential to be even more successful in the future and I look forward to being a part of that" says Heesterbeek.

"I feel it's a serious yet relaxed team, really great to be a part of" says Angwyn. " I've been in contact with Mr. C several times; before I joined the team I thought he was a very serious person, like every boss at the workplace, that kind of scary. However surprisingly he's a nice guy and helps me to settle in the team. I haven't had a chance to talk to the other drivers yet, but looking forward to work with them."

Lastly, what are their impressions of team boss Mr C?

"Bogdan is a highly motivated man with a high ambition to achieve good results" says de Vries. "I admire this and I feel the same way when it comes down to racing so we get along well. He's putting trust in me as a driver and I'm putting trust in him a team boss."

"I think Mr C is very passionate about his team and he makes sure his drivers work together, giving it their all each race" said Heesterbeek.

"Mr. C is a great team boss; he helps his drivers a lot. To run and bring the team up to this level is definitely not an easy task, but he's done a tremendous job, I really admire the way he runs the team" says Angwyn.

The drivers are looking forward to start racing with Walk, providing the team with more chances to increase the recognition and success they can get. The drivers will also get the chance to work with a team looking to continue growing and triumph in the simracing community.

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