October 06, 2014


Current Formula Challenge championship leader Petar Brljak is set to make his first appearance in Supercup next Wednesday.
The Croatian will do his maiden SC race with Wauters Automotive at the Suzuka circuit in Japan, where he will drive alongside the new rising star Jarl Teien.

The deal might come as a surprise to the paddock, but was negotiated a long time ago by the team as part of the plan to get the outfit out of their messy and unproductive state during the first half of the season.

Petar will replace fellow Croatian David Francic for one race only, with David set to close off the season alongside Jarl in Brazil. The excitement for those last two events of the season is ever present in the team.

Team Principal Andreas Wauters explains the thought process behind the deal:
" We are pleased to have Petar in our car for Japan, and are looking forward to a great event. For Petar it's always nice to get a taste of what the car is like, since he is dominating Formula challenge and will most likely move up to Superleague or Supercup. We know that Petar is one of the best drivers around, and he can do great things alongside Jarl, especially now that we have pulled ourselves together as a team. Of course it's a bit double, because we can't give David a seat as well for Japan. David has been one of the important factors in our recovery, for which we can't thank him enough. However, the deal with Petar was struck before David joined us, and I'd like to think I'm a man of my word. David was fully aware of the situation, and is cheering for his compatriot as hard as we are. We are looking forward to having him back in our car in Brazil as well to close of the season. In the meantime, everyone is looking forward to extracting the most from the Japanese Grand Prix.

In other news, Jarl Teien will participate in the last two Superleague rounds of the season in an emergency deal with the well known woods team. This is a great opportunity for him to get a feel of the car, help out the struggling team, and build experience for a possible move to the top echelon of GPVWC next season.

Jarls Teien about the deal with Woods:
"I'm happy to be given the chance to get my Superleague comeback down and will be looking to build experience and hopefully will show my potential for next season but more importantly helping Woods in the championship."

Stay tuned for Wednesday!

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