October 13, 2014


The Wauters Automotive team introduces James Kirk in the first of their special features.

A team is a group of people working together for a common goal. Today we talked to James Kirk, who is involved in the Wauters Automotive team, to understand some of his personal experiences this season, and see what makes him tick!

James, you are involved in Wauters Automotive both as a driver and as technical director for the Supercup team. Can you start by explaining what those two roles entail?

Both roles are actually very similar, it's just the final process of the race evenings where things are different. As a driver I do my utmost to make sure that the team is provided with the best setup possible. I then, of course, go out on track myself and aim to score as many points as possible. As technical director I, again, try to ensure that the team has the best setup possible. As the race evening approaches however I have much less stress on my hands as I can sit back and watch other drivers perform!

The process of providing a good setup for the team has been an important part in ensuring results in SGT, ITC and Supercup, and has really helped us picking up our season , was it always smooth sailing, or are there moments in this process you really think could and should have gone different?

I think all things should have gone different from the driver side of things. Admittedly I am a perfectionist and I find myself frustrated if I come out of an evening knowing it could have gone better. The setup part of it (generally) is actually quite simple, but it's utilizing the setup which is the key to qualifying well and scoring points and unfortunately at some points this half-year it just hasn't come together for me.

The SGT season on topstep just finished, after being cut short due to diminishing interest. Wauters Automotive picked up 3rd place in the standings, with nine podium finishes, two of which for you personally. Would you have enjoyed doing the full calendar anyway? Tell us about your personal experience with the mod, the season and your teammates.

Well the two races cut from the calender, Portimao and Autopolis, are both good tracks but I can't help feeling the eventual penultimate round at Spa really showed that I'm not going to be near the pace every week (indeed Fuji showed that once again). I'm taking 5th in the Drivers' and running thank you very much! Without a doubt this has been the best season of racing I've ever been able to string together. The mod and I clicked instantly and having Fran, Sven and Oscar as team mates has enabled me to push to new highs. My second pole position in simracing and my aforementioned third and fourth podiums and true reflections of where I can be with the right team mates pushing me.

Your time in the ITC squad has been pretty two sided, having great weekends and bad ones as well. Despite some misfortunes, you have decided to stick with the team for ITC 2015 if the mod stays roughly the same. Are you looking forward to another year of nail biting, tire banging action?

The big key to next year will be my team mate and some luck. Luck is the thing I have been extremely short on this season with technical issues becoming more prominent as the season has come to its closure. Am I looking forward to a fresh start? Of course. Will that last the year? I certainly hope so! ITC is my simracing home and the aim next year is one win. That will make me a very happy man.

Ok, thanks for the interview James! One last Question. What car are you thinking off when I say 'Most awesome simracing car to drive EVER'?

BMW's DTM car from 2013. High downforce, high speeds, good looks. All you can ask for!

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