October 27, 2014


Superleague team Hawkeye Racing today announced that they will be retaining the services of their Hungarian driver Gergo Baldi for the 2015 GPVWC Superleague season.
Team boss Ric Scott was glad they could hold on to their talented Hungarian "We're so happy to have Gergo confirmed for next season. He was our one constant reliable element in what was a pretty turbulent season for us. It became apparent rather early on in the season that it would be in our best interests to keep hold of Gergo and we?re delighted he's agreed to stay with us."

Technical assistant Andreas Wauters, who is in charge of driver negotiations added "It's great to know Gergo is staying with the team. I've worked with him the entire year and tried to assist him in any way possible, but given the fact that Gergo is a very motivated driver, my job wasn't too hard when dealing with Gergo. Not only is he incredibly fast, he is a very complete racing driver in any sense of the word, and certainly a great driver to have on board for 2015! Despite all the things that happened to us this season, the future is looking bright!"

The driver himself was hopeful that they can build on last years positives "I got a great opportunity from Hawkeye for 2014, and after my rookie season I'd like to show the potential, that the team and I have. I was very pleased when I got the offer to drive with them in 2015 too, I never really wanted to leave the team's unique atmosphere. I believe next year we can do a much better season, using the experience that we gain about each other this year. "

The British outfit have yet to confirm the rest of their line-up but are said to be in talks with several experienced drivers.

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