November 05, 2014


Nordsjoen Racing announced today that they have released driver Toby Davis from his contract following the end of the 2014 Superleague season.
Englishman Davis finished 20th in the Drivers' Championship for Nordsjoen, with a best result of fourth in the Canadian Grand Prix, in a season that saw him finish in a classified position in just five races.

"We would like to thank Toby for his work, both at the track and behind the scenes," said Nordsjoen Team Principal Will Ponissi. "He is a driver of immense talent and our opinion of him has not changed, even though this season hasn't really delivered the promising results we expected in pre-season."

Asked about his 2014 a few days ago, Davis himself admitted the results from his debut campaign had fallen short of his and the team's aims.

"The 2014 season was a bit disappointing," said the tin-tops superstar. "The potential for the team was always there but we were firefighting all the way through. The engine was always a little bit behind and our development curve never really allowed us to be competitive."

Despite the difficulties, however, Davis remains confident of his capabilities.

"I made a few too many mistakes and it was hard for me to stay on top of the car," he admitted. "With a season's experience I'm sure I'll be able to do a better job next season. That said, the support of the team was excellent for the most part, and I can't fault anybody's commitment to the cause."

News of the decision by Nordsjoen probably left Davis disappointed, the Englishman being confident of being given another chance with the Kristiansand-based former Superleague champions up until this afternoon's announcement.

"I would really like another opportunity to race for Nordsjoen, as the team is fantastic and very accommodating," Davis said when asked recently, "but we will have to see what the management plans are, and I know that I didn't do the job I am capable of this season."

"I'm hoping very much that the calendar for next season falls better for me, as I missed a lot of rounds this season due to real life commitments. I also had a few technical issues, and one of the things I would like to see fixed would be earlier release of penalties and earlier release of syncs, as both those contributed to a couple of missed rounds."

A lifeline for the young driver might actually come from Nordsjoen's management, which has expressed its desire to help the former driver remain in Superleague.

"Toby is capable of great results, as he has shown in Canada," said Ponissi. "We will do what we can to help him find a seat elsewhere as it would be a loss for the Superleague in general to see Toby miss out on the 2015 campaign."

Nordsjoen is yet to announce any of the drivers for the 2015 season, with Argentine Agustin Canapino, 11th in the 2014 Superleague, currently in discussion with the management.

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