November 14, 2014


Vod:Bul Racing today announced it will not be retaining either of its 2014 drivers for next season.
In 2014 the team returned to the GPVWC Superleague and finished 6th in the constructors championship. Both cars scoring consistent points throughout the year.

Morten Wernersen finished 13th in the drivers standings with 62 points and scoring in eleven races. Wernersen had a best finish of seventh in Bahrain and Germany.

Kenney Lybeer finished one place behind his team mate in the drivers standings in 14th place with 59 points. Lybeer scored in nine races this season with a best finish of fourth in Bahrain.

Together they brought in eight double points finishes for the team.

"I would like to thank both drivers for all their hard work this season," said team owner Mike Pitman. "Both guys have been great to work with and brought us results we couldn't have thought about pre-season. Morten has been with us for both our seasons since our return and it will feel odd next year to have the Vod:Bul car without his name on. I know both these guys deserve and will get good drives for next season"

The announcement means it is unknown where Morten Wernersen and Kenney Lybeer will drive next season or who Vod:Bul will field next season.

We caught up with Lybeer "I wasn't sure on staying in Vod:Bul and when I heard the news from Mike I was a little bit sad that the decision wasn't mine. But I think we had some great results this year and the VBM group has a lot of wonderful talent that's able to really make Vod:Bul a top team."

Wernersen comments were in the same vein. "Well, I was a bit sad I didn't get my contract renewed for a second season in Superleague with VB, it would have been nice to stay with a competitive team, that I've enjoyed two good seasons with, first in Supercup last year and then Superleague this year. I want to thank Mike Pitman for letting me race at VB for the past two years, and hope the team excels in next years Superleague, where or in what I will be racing in 2015 is still up in the air though"

Vod:Bul Racing ran Douwe Tapper, Jonathan Holmes and James Johnson at the young drivers test clocking the 8th,9th and 11th fastest times. We can only speculate at this time if this had any influence on the line up next year.

"We will announce our line up in due course but we are very confident that we have made a tough but correct decision, Morten and Kenney are still great friends of everyone at VBM and more than welcome at the team at any time" said Pitman

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