November 27, 2014


SimCraft Midnight Motorsport unveil their 2015 driver line-up as the team looks to recapture title glory.

2014 was a difficult season for Midnight Motorsport. Enduring driver swaps, lack of pace and general unrest within the team. The second half of the season saw a turnaround which was reflected in the races wins from Alex Cooper and four for Lukas Euler. Nick Rowland endured a disappointing season, while third in the drivers' standings looks good, no race win to his name blighted his season.

The team are looking forward to a well-deserved rest over the winter but not before one final blow out at the GPVWC meet this weekend in Manchester; home of the team. After consolidating the 2014 season it is time for the team to challenge for both drivers and constructors titles in 2015 and take on the force of CSG Racing but keeping a wary eye on those chasing them and chasing them hard.

It is with pleasure therefore to announce the 2015 line-up prior to the festivities, in Manchester. Alex Cooper has been promoted back up to full-time driver for the 2015 season. Alex did not enjoy the 2014 Supercup car and when presented with the 2014 Superleague car flourished being exceedingly competitive and taking a spectacular victory at the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas and missing out by the smallest margin in the desert of Abu Dhabi.

Statement from Alex Cooper:

"I am very happy to be making my return with Midnight, I'd like to think that the year off has helped me fine tune the areas I was lacking in to come back stronger than before.

There was no doubt I'd be staying with Midnight even if a race seat wasn't available, I'm massively grateful for the opportunity they've given me for the past three years and I hope I'm a part of the team for many more years.

Pleased to be working alongside Nick, I had the privilege to race alongside him for the four races I competed in this year, as well as working with him for the past three years, we work well together and I'm sure nothing will change in 2015, we'll both be pushing each other and I look forward to the challenge."

The team has retained second driver and manager/owner Nick Rowland for the 2015 season. Nick returned 5 podiums in the 2014 season but was comprehensively outdone by Giuseppe Rainieri, Lukas Euler, Alex Cooper and Tom Parker. While the numbers do not add up, Nick's consistency to bring the car home is a valuable asset to any team. Setup difficulties and lack of understanding hindered the potential for 2014 but with a refreshed mind set, different outlook and a re-focused mind, Nick hopes to fight back in 2015.

Statement from Nick Rowland:

"It was a troublesome season. I could not understand how the car worked at all. The nose always felt so dead to me and whenever I tried to do anything with the rear I was just getting wicked oversteer. Nothing felt quite right so ended up just compromising. Barcelona was my best chance in 2014 and the car felt just special there. 2015 I thought long and hard if I should go for it but I want another shot it and I am taking a new approach and outlook on my sim-racing to see if I can better improve myself and bring stronger results home for the team."

Midnight Motorsport supported two championship seasons by finishing runners up in 2014. It was a difficult season but with a better base, understanding and knowledge they hope to be able to take the fight back to the top step of the podium. There is no doubt though that the team manager is not naive to the fact that 2015 has the potential to be a thriller and possibly the most competitive season ever in GPVWC history.

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