December 02, 2014


Supercup outfit announce return of Matt Richards after Superleague stint.

Heading into the 2015 season at GPVWC, TSA Racing are deep in discussions with various drivers in preparation for their second Supercup season. As part of these preparations they're pleased to confirm that Matt Richards will be making his full-time return to the team.

During 2014, Richards played a key role in ensuring that TSA were able to clinch tenth in the Constructors' table for their debut season in Supercup. Brought in to replace the team's manager and second driver after round one in Australia, he instantly proved his worth and scored his first points for the team in only his second race.

Unfortunately, at around the halfway point in the 2014 season, TSA decided to let Richards go so he could take on a Superleague role. There were no hard feelings between manager Brewster or Richards and the hope was that one day he'd return to the team which was so thankful for his efforts. That time has come and there's a good vibe in the TSA Racing camp ahead of the Christmas holidays.

Here's what TSA Racing's manager and owner had to say about the Welshman's return:

"I'm really happy to have Matt back in the Supercup car again. He was a strong part of our 2014 campaign up until his jump up to Superleague and it's great that he has decided to join forces again for the full Supercup season. We're both aware of where we stand and where we would like to be at the end of next year, and I'm confident we can achieve the goals we have set ourselves."

Richards was also asked about his feelings as he looked forward to the pre-season tests which are set to take place early next year:

How does it feel to be returning to TSA Racing full-time after a brief venture into Superleague towards the end of the 2014 season?

It's definitely a good feeling. The team was very supportive of me last season both whilst I was in Supercup with them and when I had moved up to Superleague. I think while I was with the team in Supercup last season, we had a good run with some good positions and the team always helped me improve from race to race and always picked me up at low points like Austria. I'm really looking forward to another season with them to really show what I can do. I'm definitely more committed to it than I was last season and I hope that I can help both myself and the team during the season ahead.

You showed strong pace during your stint with the Stowmarket-based team last season. What are your aims and aspirations for next year?

"The aims are a lot higher than I had set myself for last season. I really want to push myself forward for the team and improve on the results I had before. Some personal aims I have is to attend every round this time. Generally I want to improve my driving as it was the thing that let me down last season with poor tyre management and strategy choice. Hopefully I can have a stronger bond with my team mate this coming season and work better as a team as I felt that I wasn't that great a team player last season so it's definitely something to improve on with myself. Really hoping to be fighting high up in the races and making some good entertainment for the viewers and making the team proud!"

That's one driver down, with two more seats to fill in the coming weeks. TSA Racing are raring to get the 2015 season underway!

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