December 07, 2014


Croatian driver returns to the team for 2015 while Teien leaves.

It has been a strange rookie season for Wauters Automotive in the Supercup. The team started off in the lower part of the field, struggling to score points and ending up in last place halfway through the season. The signing of David Francic and Jarl Teien to the team radically changed the situation, boosting the Belgian outfit to dominant form.

Today, the team is happy to announce that David Francic will be in a Wauters seat again for the 2015 Supercup season. David was the driving force behind the setups for the last four races, and in that way partly responsible for the three wins the team got in the later part of the season. Jarl Teien, the Norwegian who convincingly proved to be the fastest man in Austin and Suzuka, is moving up to the Woods Racing team in Superleague to tackle an even bigger challenge in 2015.

David Francic is very happy with his future at Wauters Automotive:
"I can't be thankful enough to Andreas for singing me for the 2015 season. I'm very glad to be part of and to drive for the Wauters Automotive Supercup team as they are very serious and determined. Atmosphere there is purely amazing, and it's really enjoyable to work with those guys. It would be amazing to see this team name standing at the top of the championship next year. I can promise them I'll do my best to accomplish that goal!"

Jarl Teien enjoyed his time at the team, but is looking forward to the challenge in Superleague:
"It was great working with Andreas, I originally wasn't thinking of doing GPVWC anymore but Andreas asked me to step in a few races for him, and it took me a few races to get up to speed. Sad to not see the team in SL but my short time with Wauters has been great. Now I've taken on a new challenge in Superleague, and believe I can do well."

Team boss Andreas is happy with the situation as well:
"Working with David and Jarl last year has been a great experience, and we have learned a lot from it. For the 2015 season we already knew very early on that we would have to say goodbye to at least one of those two great drivers. Jarl wanted to drive for us in Superleague while David wanted to stay with us in Supercup. A bit of a dilemma for any team boss of course! In some sense we were sad about having to split up the team whatever happened, but it's also great to feel that both drivers wanted to commit to another year with the team if the circumstances were right for them.

We are very happy to have David with us for another year as he has proven to be very consistent and improved visibly in every race he drove for us last year. I personally think he has an amazing amount of potential and is still growing day by day We are happy to support him in this quest for the top!

The team and I would also like to wish Jarl a lot of good luck in Superleague. We know he has the capacity to do great things if the team can provide him with the car and the support he needs, and he is definitely a driver who belongs in the top echelon of simracing!"

The Belgian team is still looking for a fast primary driver and a test driver to partner David Francic in the teams bid for 2015 Supercup Teams' Championship with no date set for the next announcement.

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