December 14, 2014


World Sport Series outfit makes the move to open-wheel racing.

After a successful 2014 season in the Worlds Sports Series, finishing fifth and seventh in the Driver's Championship and second in the Team's Championship, Ice Cold Racing are now ready to hit the track for the 2015 season at GPVWC. After playing sneaky with the driver lineup for their Formula Challenge outing, team manager Eric Stranne has now revealed the lineup which will power cars #36 and #37.

Driving car number 37 will be Danish driver Jesper Nielsen, the 2014 WSS champion, who is making his comeback to sim-racing after a few months. Unfortunately, due to the Dane's refusal to give interviews or make any comments on anything ever, no quotes have been obtained for this article.

Team manager Eric Stranne will be at the wheel of the other of the beautifully skinned car, done by Lewis McGlade and Aurora Designs.

"I'm very happy that Ice Cold Racing got accepted into the field for the 2015 Formula Challenge season. Last year was quite good to us, we did well in WSS, and I myself won the ITC. Plus, Jesper won the WSS where we barely lost out, so I think we're in a very good position to do very well this season. This is something me and Jesper have talk about for a few months now, and he seems glad to return to racing. I'm looking forward to this season immensely: we have a good starting point, good drivers, a good-looking schedule and a great looking car, so I think this will be a good season for us. I'm also aiming for ITC and WSS for this season as well, but that will come in due time", says Stranne.

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