December 16, 2014


Reformed Superleague outfit announce their drivers for Career Ladder return.

As the scores of journalists and photographers file into the press room at the team's Hirwaun HQ, a wave of intrigue sweeps through the room. The lights dim as a video of the teams history is displayed. There are plenty of references to previous success; clips of Lichtenstein's 2010 Supercup success, Draig's multiple Superleague wins in 2011/12,the 2014 World sports series assault including the two podiums and of course, who can forget the amazing third place at the inaugural GPVWC 24 Hours of Le Mans?

As the lights brighten, the three instrumental figures of the Draig board make their way on stage. Firstly Ben Horrill, who is in charge of all things finance. He is followed by Ben Willis, the team manager, and the team owner Mike Phillis.

As silence falls around the room, Willis proceeds to start talking;

"It's with great pleasure that I am able to welcome you here to the team factory today for this special announcement. As you have just seen in the opening film, this team has a lot of history, both good and bad. But our vision is clear and we all know the direction we want to take this team. We are determined to take Draig back to the top of superleague to finish what we started back in 2011. This season marks our fifth year as a functioning team and what better way to celebrate than being back in the career ladder after a two year absence. I'm sure I speak for everyone in the team when I say that we are fully determined to take the fight to the top teams. "

Next, team owner Mike Phillis steps up to the microphone;

"I would like to say, first of all welcome to Hirwaun, the heart of the Welsh Valleys. Secondly, it's good to be back within the GPVWC Career ladder. We had a rocky patch back 2 years ago with personal life getting the better of everyone within the team, but that has now passed, we have a board of 3 strong minds myself, and the two Bens, who both this achievement can be accredited to. Their passion for the brand, expansion and headstrong willingness never to give up on our entry has finally come to fruition. Yes you have seen us around the GPVWC paddock with the WSS and as you see we achieved 3rd in the 1st ever 24 hour event they held at Le Mans, echoing Ben's (Willis) words, we showed our intent and how we have grown as an outfit by being the only team to run 2 cars at that event. Growth not only showed by the way we have handled ourselves within these torrid times, but coming out of it a stronger more resilient team, with the launch of our merchandise apparel, and the signing of these two, outstanding and quick drivers, I think we can be happy with the outcome and how we have come out the other side. History tells its own story and we have been a part of it.... Now it's time to be making more history from 2015 onward."

Ben Willis now returns to talk about the teams 2015 prospects;

"Enough of a history lesson! Without further ado, I am pleased to announce our 2015 Formula challenge driver line-up. Driving the #34 car, in his first season here at GPVWC, is Balint Hammer. Balint has shown great pace in our private testing and I have no doubt that he will be one to watch this season. He has already shown a willingness and determination to succeed and I expect that to continue."

Balint proceeds to make his way onto the stage;

"I started simracing five years ago and I thought that now was the time to enter a big international league. A lot of teams invited me, but Draig was the only one who really impressed me. All the members are nice guys and they can help me in everything. Here I can improve my abilities to be better than ever and my first aim is to improve my pace and stability. Naturally everybody wants to win the championship but I just want to be in first five. If I can achieve that I will be very happy. My teammate is really fast and I think we can learn things from each other since we are better in different things. Here's hoping for a good year! Here's hoping for a good year!"

Willis returned to the microphone for a final time to reveal the second driver;

"As for our second driver, we are pleased to announce that driving the #35 car will be James Kirk. James brings useful experience to our team, after all, this will be his third season in Formula Challenge. He has been constantly quick in our private tests and also extremely helpful behind the scenes."

James now appears on stage and proceeds to read a pre-prepared statement;

"I'm extremely excited to be joining Draig Racing. An outfit with a great history who fell upon unfortunate circumstances, it is an honour to help them now as they look to ascend back to where they belong; the Superleague of course. The two Bens and Mike have all made me feel extremely welcome and Balint has proven to be a joy to work within these early stages. His pace will make him the perfect team mate to bounce ideas on setup off."

When asked about his personal objectives, James replied;

"My personal aim this season is to secure that elusive first single-seater podium for myself. I've come close in the past two seasons but with Draig I am confident that I can finally achieve that goal and potentially exceed it! One thing is certain though; I am more hungry than ever."

And with that the conference was bought to a close, there was just enough time for the management and the drivers to get an official picture together on stage before the media was herded out of the press room and the HQ closed down for the winter holidays.

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