December 17, 2014


American outfit become the third team to reveal full line-up!

It's been a topic of much discussion when early 2014 championship contender Oskari Kantonen moved from Edonis Engineering to the Satellite squad unannounced in August for the Italian Grand Prix. Today though the West Palm Beach, Florida based team confirmed that Menno Klont will be joining returning driver Sven de Vries for the 2015 Supercup season.

Klont will also be managing the day to day details of the entire GPVWC entry which will extend beyond just the Supercup series.Klont enters the team coming off of a Supercup Team Championship title as team manager for Edonis Engineering, and 7th in the drivers standings as a driver for Malta Force GP for the bulk of 2014.

A reserve position has not officially been pinned down but the team has reached out to both Jonatan Acerclinth and Nico de Koninck to return if they are unable to find primary positions with other teams in Supercup.

In addition to his Supercup duties, Sven de Vries will also be making the move into the teams real world Formula 600 car. His first weekend in the car to come at the end of February with de Vries scheduled to partake in select events in the Pro Formula 600 Challenge series through the year. De Vries will be the first official simracer to make the move within the Satellite team.

MK: "2015 will be a new chapter for me in the Supercup, after spending 2 years at Malta Force I felt I was ready for a new step in my GPVWC driving career, It's really exciting that I have Sven as my teammate, knew him for a long time and really want to work together with him. For 2015, Satellite racing was the right step. I expect Sven and I can go for some great results. I think top 3 in the Teams' Championship and top 8 in the Drivers' Championship should be realistic goals."

SvD: "I'm thrilled to be racing for Satellite Racing again in 2015. It's been an amazing season last year where we were fighting for the championship until the end. Having a good friend and consistent driver as my teammate will make us able to fight for both the Drivers' and Teams' Championship in 2015. I'd like to thank Matt for the faith in us and the ability to confirm the line-up so soon, This will allow us to prepare in the early stages."

When asked about how he felt making the move into the real cars, De Vries went on to add:

"Dude you have NO idea!! This will be a dream come true and I cant thank the team enough for the opportunity! Like most simracers, I've been wanting to get into real life racing and Satellite is making it happen for me. My goal is to definitely use that as a start for a longer career."

Matt Strand (Team Owner) added:

"I'm absolutely thrilled to have our Supercup plans come together so early on. Makes the off-season much easier for prep work here. Menno and Sven as a pair scored enough points to put us 3rd in the 2014 team title had they been paired together, and that includes 11 DNS between both of them. Jonatan and Nico both put in fantastic work behind the scenes in testing and setup work last year as well and I'm hoping one if not both can return in some capacity with us.

I'm beyond excited to be in a position to give Sven an opportunity at the real deal as well. My whole goal with Satellite as a team is to put simracers who prove they have the skill and mind set into a real car despite their financial status. Coming into our 4th year with this goal it's great to finally see it coming true. I don't know who's more excited, Sven or myself haha looking forward to see how he does in February for his first outing and hopefully much more."

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