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Circuit de Monaco. 22 May 2019
March 15, 2015


German Florian Engel and Brit Joshua Anderson will join the Wauters Automotive team for the 2015 World Sport Series Season.

With this line-up, the team aims at a steady season with room for growth for everyone involved. Both the drivers are looking forward to working together. "Young driver program" is very much an applicable term for the 2015 Wauters WSS campaign.

Team boss Andreas Wauters had this to say about the duo.
"I know Florian and Josh aren't the fastest drivers out there, and given some of the line-ups already disclosed for the season, our goal will definitely not be a challenge for the championship, but rather a steady year of learning, improving and a chance for those young drivers to show themselves out there. I know for a fact that both gentlemen are very motivated and are heavily invested in simracing (and this league), and will do what it takes to keep on going.

I have experienced the work ethic of Florian first hand while he drove for us in ITC last year, and while his pace wasn't godlike, i was really impressed with his punctuality, autonomy and the time he invested in preparing for a race. Florian is a guy that knows what he want's to achieve for himself and just gets on with it, no matter the circumstances, a trait that is more rare than one might think. I'm happy to give Florian another opportunity in my team, and i hope he can keep pushing and improving!

When it comes to Joshua, i have been meaning to give him a chance to drive for me ever since he entered the league with his youthful enthusiasm and fresh ideas. In a way, Josh reminds me a bit of myself when i first joined the league: inexperienced, yet motivated and full of energy, so i'm very happy to give him an opportunity to join us this year. Since our WSS season this year will be focused on learning and building something from the ground up, i think in Josh and Florian I've found the perfect line-up to achieve that goal this season.

Good luck guys! Go get them."

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