February 25, 2016
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Storm Racing present their driver lineup, as well the car they will be competing with for their debut season in the Superleague formula.
As the start of the 2016 GPVWC Superleague is fast approaching, it's time to unveil our 2016 car and driver lineup.

There have been some hectic weeks here at Storm Racing, because our promotion to Superleague came as a surprise, as we were expecting to enter in our third Supercup season for 2016. Thus when the teams were announced at GPVWC Day in Berlin, we had to rethink our entire strategy for this year.

Nevertheless, we are proud to unveil our first Superleague car, the S-One! It's the first Formula 1 car in the history of the team, it's also the first car we built for the new simulator, rFactor 2. The livery is an evolution from last year, based on the traditional Storm Racing colour scheme. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our main partner UltraNet, as we're heading towards the 15th year of partnership! Many thanks also to eMAG.ro, ECKO UNLTD, Bickmann Marketing, ReeL Photo Studio and MediaDOT! We would like to welcome two new partners for 2016, sammaxwellcustoms.com and Black Sheep Bar! We thank you all for your continued support!

Another important step towards 2016 was signing a deal with engine manufacturers VALIANT! We wanted a proven engine, an engine that will no doubt develop untill the end of the season! We would also like to thank VBMotorsport for their massive support and feedback!

Driving the 75 car, in his 6th year with the team, will be Adrian McNaughton! We asked him about his goals and expectations for 2016, as well as his thoughts on this new challenge.

Adrian McNaughton: "This season is without doubt going to be the biggest challenge so far. The Superleague is full of quality drivers from top to bottom and points are going to be hard to come by. But we have a lot of experience behind us and no matter where we go, we have always been able to compete as a team. As for my own personal expectations and goals, well they remain the same as last season. To pick up a few points here and there. Last season's Supercup was also full of top quality drivers and I was able to finish twelfth which also included a podium finish. So if I can end this season with a similar result then I would call it a success."

Emanuel Gaczella will be driving the 80 car, returning to Superleague 11 years after his debut! We asked him about his expectations, goals, and where he sees the team at the end of the season.

Emanuel Gaczella: "I'm happy to return to Superleague, there were 2 really difficult seasons for me in Supercup, so this new challenge boosts my motivation. I'm not expecting miracles, I have a lot of respect for every single team in Superleague. Of course, we have our objectives, but results don't matter too much in our debut season. We have to understand everything about Superleague to be able to mount a challenge in the years ahead. I must say I am happy with the car, after the first tests it feels much better for me than the Supercup car ever did, so that's a positive sign. We couldn't promote at a better time, everything is new for this season, and all the teams had to start from scratch, which may help us a bit. If we can score points in every round until the end of the season, I would call it an excellent debut for Storm!"

The team has hired the talented Swedish driver Tobias Olsson, to help with car development and setup work, but also as a reserve driver for 2016. We talked about his decision to join us, his experience with the team so far, and his goals for this season.

Tobias Olsson: "I decided to look for a test drive role alongside my full time drive in Supercup with Ice Cold Racing and the opportunity to join Storm came up. This opportunity gives me experience with the SL car, also learning and understanding the setup of the car as well as learning race strategies together with Storm. So far after the pre season tests are done I feel very good and strong motivation from all the team members. The tests went very well as we learnt a lot about the car and the tyres.

My teamboss Emanuel feels very motivated to do well in our first season in the Superleague and he puts down a lot of work and dedication to the team, so I think we can get very far with the approach we have for the season. I see us fighting for a top 10 spot in the teams championship and at the same time I think it's a learning season for us but we really want to do well at the same time."

You can follow our progress on Facebook (facebook.com/stormracingteam) and Twitter @StormRacingTeam

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