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Circuit de Monaco. 22 May 2019
February 17, 2017
Published on tags: Cosmo Autosport


Joshua Anderson's outfit looks at changes they have made for the 2017 GPVWC season.

Cosmo Autosport have seen 2016 come and go as a year where we succeeded more than ever before.

4th in the Altantic Series. Promotion into Supercup with a strong 2016 performance in Formula Challenge. Continuing to solidify ourselves as a reliable and committed outfit

We want to improve on our 2016 success in 2017; and our way of doing this is to evolve.

In 2017 our Supercup car will be our first Career Ladder car with our new team colours, the colours that will adorn all our GPVWC cars in 2017. While our pre-season cars are throwbacks to times past, our new colors are a new and bright future.

Our 2017 Supercup lineup is an evolution of our initial 2016 FC lineup. The drivers have changed, in Andrejs Pestovs and Ben Willis, but the philosophy is the same; drivers that get on well off track do better on track.

Our overall look has changed. We embrace our past while looking to the future ahead of us.

Our team base has moved. Our Supercup effort will now be run from Hamamatsu, Japan. Our drive to succeed in 2017 and improve on our already successful 2016 is a strong one and we feel this change will fuel it.

We are now only the second ever GPVWC team to be based in Japan. While this move has its logistical disadvantages as well as advantages, it now makes us even more unique; even more determined to succeed.

Some things, however, remain the same. We are still an English team. Our ideals remain the same. We still want to give newer, prospective simracing talent a chance to prove themselves. We still want to give the established names in simracing a new environment to enjoy themselves in.

We believe one must enjoy something to be good at it. We will always put enjoyment and driver freedom first.

This is not a revolution; but an evolution.

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