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Suzuka International Racing Course. 25 September 2018
July 26, 2017


Wauters Automotive is pleased to announce that Norwegian driver Jarl Teien will join the team in their Superleague campaign for the second half of the season.
Teien has driven for the team before on numerous occasions, and racked up a total of 4 wins and as many podiums for the team during their 2014 and 2015 Supercup campaigns. Daniel Cziranku, who has driven as a primary driver up until now will stay involved in his role as technical director for the team, a position that has been proven of tremendous value for the team.

Jarl Teien is happy to join the Wauters Automotive team in Superleague:
"Andreas asked me to step in the race seat and I will do as often as I can. Happy to be working alongside Gergo and Daniel."

Daniel Cziranku explains the rationale behind the driver change:
"We proudly present our newest addition to our full-time lineup, Jarl Teien, who already has proven himself in Superleague. We will work together on Wauters Automotive's plans to get back to the front runners in the team championship, while Gergo is fighting for the very best positions in the series. In the beginning of the year i agreed to take role of technical director of the team, which comes with the responsibility of trying to improve our team and individual efforts on all battlefields. I had the final call in regards to the driver change, which I hope will propel us back to where we aim to be. On a personal level, missing out on sim racing last year, plus transitioning to a cpm based tire model needs more practice from my end to get used to it, which i'm about to cover with full throttle. I'll be back on track after some fine tuning, and in the meantime i'll support Gergo and Jarl preparing for race weekends."

The signing also brings some risk for the team, as the Norwegian driver is looking to switch jobs and can't guarantee there will be no overlaps in schedule between the job and Superleague. This risk is anticipated and accepted by the team.

Teamboss Andreas Wauters explains:
" Jarl has proven time and time again that he has the needed pace and talent to bring great results, with this signing, we hope we can give him a car capable of challenging for podiums on a consistent basis. In terms of pace, Jarl is close to, if not on par with Gergo, and we envision great things for the pair. Jarl already explained me that he might need to bow out again later, depending on time schedule for his new job. This is completely acceptable for us. we've taken calculated risks before, and will continue to do so as long as we can balance out the risk and reward for the decision. I'm quite confident we'll look back at this moment in a positive way come the end of the season, regardless of whether Jarl was able to continue until the end. "

Teien's first race alongside Baldi as a primary driver will be the German GP this Thursday.

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