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Suzuka International Racing Course. 22 September 2020
October 11, 2017
Published on tags: GPVWC Day General GPVWC Awards


The panel to choose the recipients of the 2017 GPVWC Awards will be widened to include the team managers of each Career Ladder series.
The GPVWC Awards, the traditional end-of-year acknowledgment of the brightest stars of the GPVWC Career Ladder, will be revealed, as it is the custom, at the GPVWC Day in Antwerp on December 2nd.

However, changes are afoot for the selection process. The Awards winners, which had so far been selected by members of the GPVWC Management, will now see the panel expanded to the Team Managers of the respective series, in order to transform them into a Peer's award.

Managers will receive a form to indicate their preferences once the season is finished, and will not be allowed to pick any nominees from their own team.

"It is important that the GPVWC Awards are a reflection of the league's best, and there is no better way than having one's peer pick the recipients," said GPVWC Director Will Ponissi.

"The new method will add legitimacy to a prestigious acknowledgment."

GPVWC Awards categories include, among others, Best Driver, Best Rookie and Best Livery.

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