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Virginia International Raceway - North Course. 22 November 2018
November 16, 2017
Published on tags: 2017 Kernow Sport Superleague GPVWC


The long term Superleague team announces its withdrawal ahead of the final race of the season.

6 years ago Kernow Sport were promoted to the Superleague (after half a year in Supercup) and in that time the Cornish team have started 104 Grands Prix and won, unfortunately, none of them (though we did come close a couple of times). There have been a couple of podiums and a Pole with 557 points and plenty laps led. 29 different drivers have started at least one event for us: most starts going to Mark Wicks and Bart De Vos, on 35 starts each. Best season results wise was 2016, placed 7th with 150pts.

The 2017 season ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be Kernow Sports last and final race in the Career Ladder. It is with heavy heart we feel the time has come to close our doors for good and depart the scene. Albeit having finally built the best car on the grid (and still having a hefty stash of cash on the books!). It's all quite a turnaround in 3 years since the end of 2014 when we almost went bust and then had to traipse around in 2015 with the worst car finishing a distant last.

I've enjoyed racing my own cars and watching and cheering on some others in them too. I've really enjoyed managing my virtual staff, improving my cars, bidding, balancing my budget, strategizing engine selection and working out R&D schedules. It's a great aspect to this league.

Life has got in the way and I'd like to apologise to my drivers this season for having been more distant than I would've liked. I didn't set out to neglect you with help and testing and so to prevent it from happening again I feel now is the time to call it quits. Personally I've been around since 2002, and continuously since 2005 have competed every year (13 straight years here, hundreds of races; 363 if my addition/memory is correct!). It?s a long time. I still love it but I'm also tired of it and have no time for it anymore. I hope the team has been a good, pleasant competitor for the rest of the field to race against, and that a newly promoted team can achieve something with our slot in 2018, and most importantly, have some fun. This team has run its course.

Bye-bye for now from Kernow Sport. Thank you to everyone for the thrills and spills.

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