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Circuit of the Americas. 30 September 2020
December 19, 2017
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Legendary sportscar team Zakspeed has become the latest motorsport team to enter the world of eSports competition with the rebranding of the Vod:Bul Motorsport squad that ran World's Fastest Gamer winner Rudy van Buren to the GPVWC SuperLeague title.
With Zakspeed, a GT-Masters racing team full of tradition, another legendary motorsport racing team is joining the early stages of the evolving eSports with Zakspeed joining simracing team Avid Chronic Racing as a partner. Together a highly experienced and skilled "ACR-Zakspeed" team of top-class international drivers will be set up to launch successful teams in as many series and simulations as possible, such as rFactor 2, Raceroom Experience, F1 2017 or iRacing. Beside the involvement in the area of virtual racing, the partnership also includes numerous activities, representing the traditional brand Zakspeed at various events by the eSports team.

Just in time for the jubilee year ? the team celebrates 50-years full of success in motorsport in 2018 ? Zakspeed is starting a whole new chapter in racing. "I have been watching the development in virtual racing for a couple of years now. In the meantime, racing teams have formed as in the Real Motorsport. The commitment of those mostly young drivers is remarkable. We are happy to have found a partner with ACR who can compete on an international top level. Now we are curious to see where this journey goes", says team principal and company owner Peter Zakowski about the co-operation. During their long and traditional history Zakspeed has won over 420 individual races as well as 22 national and international championship-titles. In the 1980s, the Zakspeed team was the only Formula 1 team in addition to Ferrari, to build a complete car including engine and transmission completely by themselves. The period of Formula 1 was followed by many successful years in the German DTM. Many big names in motorsports have been competing for Zakspeed in the past ? including a young Michael Schumacher.

The ACR team has been anchored in virtual racing for many years and can already look back on numerous successes. With the rapidly growing Simracing (virtual racing), the team decided to grow significantly and to further increase the own expectations and activities. "We are delighted that we have found such a big partner, stepped into tradition with Zakspeed in order to realise and achieve our goals. We will proudly be representing the name of Zakspeed with hopefully great success inside of eSports", says Michi Hoyer, German co-owner of the ACR team. The partnership is scheduled for two years for the moment, but is set-up for a much longer period in its baseline.

Right now, the ACR-Zakspeed team is already set to take part in seven to ten Championship-Series, able to win titles. In the upcoming days and weeks, the team will feature other well-known drivers, who will join the team for the 2018 season. Already today, it is foreseeable that the "new" Team will become the one of the strongest teams and one of the leading edges in various simulations around the globe.

The ACR-Zakspeed outfit will race in the 2018 GPVWC Superleague taking over the team run by VBM last season

credit: downforce uk

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