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Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. 25 February 2020
January 08, 2018


As the new year rolled in, the announcement of the partnership between the energy drinks giant and the Superleague team signalled a very exciting time for sim racers and managers alike.

Here at Streetfighter it was a special occasion as the 1st January 2018 signalled the start date of our contract with our newest and bigger sponsor to date, Red Bull.

Red Bull is a name everyone knows - the energy drink company has been involved in the top level of Motorsport for some time and has recently stepped into the world of Sim racing.

During this week we also announced our driver line up, starting with our newest driver Florian Geier. The multiple race winner was a key target for SRS in the off season and the team management moved quickly to secure his signature with the deal coming shortly before the final race of the 2017 season

Flo had this to say regarding this move to SRS:
"The past year has been my best performance-wise in Simracing and with this project now being officially underway I can not wait to get back into the car and pay back the trust I've been given by my team.

"The first goal will be to improve upon last year`s results not only individually but also for my team, and establish us as one of the big teams in this league.

"Most important though is that we build a good relationship inside the team, but that is something I am not worried about one bit. Everyone is enthusiastic about the upcoming season and being part of this project so we should have no troubles regarding team chemistry.

"In the end I can not wait for the five lights in Albert Park on March 1st to kick off the Season the right way for our project."

The second driver seat was a bit later in being confirmed - the team had many options including up and coming talent from the Supercup series and returning Superleague drivers.

Eventually, the team opted to stay with Ben Horrill, who is keen to improve on an up and down season in 2017.

"Last season in Superleague was a tough one for me to take. It was my lowest-scoring season since my debut in the series and with the car we had last year it simply wasn't an acceptable return for the team.

"Within the team we have addressed many of the issues I had last season and we are looking forward to the new season with our sponsor Red Bull supporting us and with an excellent driver in Flo, in addition to Bence providing us with the support on track. With David, who is joining us on the manager side of the team, we are sure we have a very solid base to push off from and can be a real force in Superleague in the next couple of seasons.

"I want to thank the team for their continued faith in me and i promise to repay them fully."

That brings us on to the rest of the team setup here at SRS with our third driver being Bence Zsupanek.

Bence found himself without a drive for the 2018 season after Kernow folded so for us it was very important to get an offer on the table for him before he was snapped up. It wouldn't be easy - Bence is a massively talented and a very focused driver so we knew it wouldn't be easy to get him in as a third driver. Luckily for us Bence accepted our offer and was looking forward to be part of the team.

Bence had a few words on his look at the 2018 season.

"After last season in Superleague I luckily got several invites from different teams. Ben also visited me and came up with different plans and ideas. He told me that he see the possibility in me joining Red Bull Streetfighter Racing Systems' program, helping me to get closer to real world racing and to be World Champion in GPVWC.

"Currently I have the role to help him and Florian with my views and advice in Superleague, however it is crucial to highlight that we have planned a long-term relationship with big dreams to be made. This year I will participate in the Supercup as the driver of Green Stripes Racing Team, aiming to finish at the top of the drivers' standings at the end of the season. Obviously it is a little step back from Superleague, but as the format and the regulation of the series suits me better that was the right choice to finish going through the learning curve. After experiencing already the professional attitude and the family-like environment in the team (SRS), I see the chance to build myself up with the help of these guys to a higher level."

Former driver David Francic is now taking on a new role within the team, and he took a moment to discuss his new position.

"Even though it was a hard decision in the end to withdraw from racing because of the sponsor we've got, I'm very happy with the choice I've made and with the new challenge that awaits me. I'll be here to boost our guys when they need it the most, and also to support them as a race engineer. Also I'll be testing the car behind the curtains to try and discover something new that will help everyone in the team with my previous experience as a racing driver. The whole team is very motivated, and a big big thanks to Ben Horril who made this sponsorship possible. It's out of this world."

As a team we are incredibly excited to get the season underway. We are looking forward to announcing our engine supplier for the 2018 season shortly and getting the season started in Melbourne in just over a month's time.

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