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Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. 25 February 2020
August 13, 2018
Published on tags: International Touring Cup


Due to the number and quality of the entries, the GPVWC Management have signed off the creation of a second tier of competition for the GPVWC's top Touring Cars series.
The 2018 season will see the International Touring Cup (ITC) proceed as announced earlier in the year, but also the introduction of a new level of competition in the International Touring Challenge (ITC2).

Due to the incredible number of credible entries, a decision was made to create a second tier in the GPVWC's Touring Cars offering. The new series will run in parallel with the ITC, using the same tracks and competing at the same time.

The roster of participating teams will see a vast number of returning outfits from the 2017 ITC, with a sizeable contingent of established GPVWC teams joining the fray and the welcome influx of a new intake of teams.

The full lineup of teams is as follows:

International Touring Cup - Div 1

1. ACR Zakspeed
2. Epic Racing Team
3. Aurora Motorsport
4. Draig Racing
5. Racing Team Schroten
6. Idos Motorsport
7. YTF1
8. Rowen GP
9. CM-Tech Racing
10. Edge Esports
11. Edonis Engineering
12. Enterprise GP
13. Smile Power Racing
14. Streetfighter Racing Systems
15. TTF Racing

International Touring Cup - Div 2

1. BirelArtUK Series Racing
2. Downforce Racing
3. Flag-to-Flag Simracing
4. Frami Autosport
5. Fusion Racing
6. GOTeam Racing
7. MadCape Racing Team
8. PD Motorsport
9. Powered by RSR
10. Schubert Motorsport eRacing
11. Shift Gear Racing
12. TCS Off Racing By Visceral eSports
13. Team GTHub
14. Team Rookie Monsters
15. THUnderdog
16. W2TE Racing

In order to run the second division, the GPVWC Management is requiring urgently a Race Director to operate the race server on event evenings. Full training will be provided. Finding new personnel, including for the Disciplinary Committee, is crucial for the successful staging of this competition so we invite our members to apply.

The two divisions will also operate a promotion/relegation system with the bottom four teams of Div 1 being demoted to Div 2 for 2019 (should they intend to participate) and the top four teams of Div 2 being guaranteed a place in Div 1 in similar circumstances.

The GPVWC Management wishes luck to all teams involved.

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