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Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace. 21 October 2020
December 02, 2018


The GPVWC Management unveiled the 61 teams that will take part in the 2019 Career Ladder, spread over four year-long series.
The GPVWC's flagship series, the Superleague, and the newly-launched Superleague Lights series will both feature 15 teams, with 15 in the Supercup and 16, including the GPVWC Academy, in the Formula Challenge.

The full team roster is as follows:

GPVWC Superleague

 ACR Zakspeed
 Edge Esports
 Evolution Motorsports
 Epic Racing Team
 Hawkeye Racing
 Red Archer Virtual Racing Team
 Flag-to-Flag SimRacing
 Edonis Engineering
 MadCape Racing Team
 Measuric Racing
 Storm Racing Team
 Red Bull Streetfighter Racing Systems
 Scuderia Basilea
 Green Stripes Racing

GPVWC Superleague Lights

 Scuderia Clay Geeli
 Draig Racing
 Holland Racing Team
 Cosmo Seiki Japan
 Red Arrow Racing
 STAX Racing
 Cenobyte Motorsports
 Royal Blue Racing
 TR Bluvos Motorsports
 CM-Tech Racing
 TTF Racing
 Mayor Downard Racing Team
 Idos Motorsport
 NetRex Grand Prix
 Satellite Racing

GPVWC Supercup

 TG Racing
 Racing Team Schroten
 Zedderick Racing
 Malta Force GP
 ST Racing
 Deltec Racing Team
 Shift Gear Racing
 Downforce Racing
 Torrent Motorsports
 Enterprise Pulsars
 Frami Autosport
 Fusion Racing
 Rowen GP
 TCS Off Racing
 Team Rookie Monsters

GPVWC Formula Challenge

 TSA Racing with Apex
 Crossfire Competition
 Drillers Motorsport
 DriveGameSeat RT
 Fair Racing Team
 GOTeam Racing
 GPVWC Academy
 KC Racing Esports
 Kellamity MTR
 MouseOne Racing
 Positive Energy Racing
 PZZW Racing Team
 Razor GP Simracing Team
 Santen Motorsports
 World of SimRacing Team
 WSL Racing Team

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