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Circuit of the Americas. 30 September 2020
January 07, 2019
Published on tags: TCS Off Racing Supercup 2019


Following the announcement at GPVWC Day on December 2nd, TCS Off Racing have been preparing for their Career Ladder debut. Finally, we can solidify our outfit for the 2019 SuperCup season.

With the signing of both Lorenzo De Ciutiis and James Clay, we feel ready to compete and can't wait for the season to start! We have also found ourselves a race engineer in Justin Parkinson to make sure our strategy is always on point. Here is a few messages the drivers as well as the team manager had to say on the solidification of the 2019 outfit:

Lorenzo De Ciutiis: "After racing the last 2 seasons for Holland Racing Team, one in FC and last in SC as a reserve I got a message from Carter and he asked if I would join his team in SuperCup which surprised me. I felt like this was the step to move forward and push myself to gain a few podiums and who knows, maybe even a win.
I'm entering the 2019 season like a rookie that want to fight for the top spots and I am thankful to TCS Off Racing and Carter to give me this chance. I hope I don't disappoint the expectation and we just move forward to better and better results!
Thanks again to everybody that believed and still believe in me and also to TCS Off Racing!
Bring on 2019!"

James Clay: "I am extremely delighted to join TCS Off Racing for the coming 2019 GPVWC season and I must thank the team for allowing me to have this wonderful and exciting opportunity. Since this is my first season in GPVWC, I aim to make a positive impression and to be able to show that I have the talent for this league. Hopefully, I will be able to even take advantage of some fortunate situations and try to assert myself as a force within the series and the league. Once again, I am very happy to be joining TCS Off Racing on their quest for victory!"

Carter McColman (Team Manager): "We are very excited with the signing of both Lorenzo and James. Two very talented and dedicated drivers who want to push for new heights just like our team. We feel prepared and ready to show we are a force in SuperCup! After our recent successes in Division 2 ITC, we feel we built a strong foundation to work from, as well as the expectation of doing well. Knowing some other teams drivers shows us that 2019 will not be easy, but we are always up to the challenge. It will be interesting to see everyone's pace in the first preseason test and we can't wait!"

We also would like to take some time to announce our newest sponsor, Automation Services Kessel (ASK)! We are very happy to have them on board for 2019 on all our cars. Here is a little bit about them:
"Created by 2 active friends, ASK is a startup company from Belgium. ASK combines profound knowledge of PLC-programming and electrical design with experience in automotive simulation and industrial automation. Need a solution for your custom project? Just ASK!"
Be sure to check them out on FaceBook and Linked-In!

To keep up to date on any developments within the team, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@TCSOff_eRacing), Instagram (@TCSOff_eRacing) and Facebook (@TCSOffRacing)

Bring on 2019!

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