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Circuit de Monaco. 21 May 2019
February 15, 2019


Work going on behind the scenes at the Disciplinary Committee as the new season begins to dawn.
During the GPVWC day back in 2018, the DC announced plans to help reduce the strain put on the committee with the amount of work required to look at each race. One of the changes to support this goal is the introduction of a member involvement program aiming at including all members to the decision making and the put in their share for the community.

Moreover, teams and drivers have a desire to move away from the token reporting system. Balancing these 2 requirements, the DC is happy to discuss a possible approach with the idea of teams in one series governing certain aspects of the post-race checks performed after every race. These checks focus on the validity of set qualification laps, and pit entry and exit in the races.

How it works
In order to minimize the risk of opposing teams having to monitor their own series, they are swapped between different series. FC teams will be in charge of the following for Supercup. Supercup will then do the same for FC, with Superleague Lights teams watching over WTF1 Superleague, and SL teams looking at Lights. The tasks to be checked are selected to be ?black-and-white? rules, scenario?s in which a violation either did or did not happen. These are:
(1) Qualifying cuts
(2) Pit entry during race(s)
(3) Pit exit during races(s)

Over the course of a season, each team will be expected to perform just 3 or 4 duties. A task schedule can be found here:

Each team will have a week from the end of the race to report incidents, by midnight a week after the race as shown in the deadline column in the task schedule.

Findings can be reported by ways of taking a screenshot in game and sending these via a specific discord channel to the DC. A guide will be published on how to set-up camera angles among other things necessary. It is the responsibility of the team owner to ensure any incidents are recorded. Teams are expected to use the official replays, available at:

Any team in breach of the requirements will receive a one-round ban for the next race they are meant to partake in a specific series, as this would cause a delay in results being made official and possible penalties being handed out. Any team found to be ?missing? incidents of a favourable team in another league will find themselves with the same penalty.

The DC will perform random cross-checks to ensure results are reliable. If a genuine mistake is make and a violation is missed, a warning or back-of-grid penalty (to both drivers) will be handed out.

The DC chat rooms set up for reporting any findings are for uploading screenshots only and confirming checks have been done, NOT for discussion. Any driver/team using these rooms otherwise will be warned at first, and receive a +5 grid penalty otherwise.


In this scenario, the DC manages to respect the desires of the community, who will not have to worry about losing tokens and enables fair-play due to being able to report incidents. Likewise, this gives the DC more time to focus on actual incidents.

Going forward, the DC wishes to hear feedback on this idea, and will be providing education videos on how to perform duties.

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