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Autodromo Nazionale di Monza. 27 August 2019
March 10, 2019


Against all odds, Storm Racing is back for the 2019 Superleague Season. The team is proud to unveil the Revent?n powered SR04, designed by Gerdoner Designs. With an aggressive, fresh redesign the team returns to its original color scheme for 2019, signali
"Stability is the key", says Team Principal, Emanuel Gaczella. We saw last year that having a strong start to the season doesn't mean anything if the team is not able to stick together until the end. So, in order to continue in Superleague this year, I had to make sure we have three committed drivers. I am really happy to announce that Vinicius Ranieri and Ricardo Pellegrini have joined Bart De Vos for our 2019 campaign. While Bart needs no introduction, as he?s an established name in our community, Vinicius and Ricardo will make their debut this season. They are both experienced sim-racers, with outstanding results outside GPVWC, but most importantly, they are really motivated to work together and get the team back where it belongs, in the top half of the championship.

Vinicius Ranieri, car #8: "The first time I heard about the league was from a WTF1 post about a year ago. If I remember well it was something like " Is this the future of SimRacing?". Through that I got a feeling about the management system and that really got in my mind, it is really amazing and it is not just about the driver, you really need a team if you want be successful. 2018 was a great year for me because I become the champion of the league that I raced for the past 3 years. After that, I notice that I need a higher challenge to keep myself motivated and still improving as a driver. I believe GPVWC is the step further that I had to make, and the competition here is something from another planet! To be honest, my first goal was to get a seat on Superleague Lights for personal reasons, and also because I am not known in this league, so I was not expecting to have a chance on SL. During my search I got lucky to get in contact with Storm Racing and saw that I might have a chance to skip SL Lights. After a couple rounds of negotiations, I notice that this is a very supportive team, and that I could be comfortable drive for them in my first year, away from the pressure of the top teams. The pre-season tests did not went smooth as desired but the team manage to workaround without jeopardizing the car development . I couldn?t join one venue and Ricardo missed two due to personal agenda and technical issues. Gladly, we are now 100% focused on first race, there are a lot of expectation from my side to understand where our pace will be, so looking forward for the beggining of the season. I want to learn a lot about the championship and also about the other drivers, so I can better prepare myself. I hope to be fighting for points every race, and I guess a 7th place on constructors could be achievable. As I could see from the testing sessions, there are a lot of great drivers out there and won?t be easy to beat them. If I manage a podium it would be awesome , dream is still free, so why not?"

Ricardo Pellegrini, car #9: "First of all, I am very glad to be part of GPVWC Superleague Championship. When I saw the opportunity I didn't think twice. What made me get into GPVWC is that the Championship is not just about driving, we have to do a lot of teamwork and that is awesome. I think is the best championship in terms of competition and management. The team received me very well and the good thing is that my boss is very clear and he tries to push us to do better. Adaptation is being good, I feel very comfortable with the team to say what I think about strategies, the car and my performance. Certainly the team is in the right direction, I mean, we were in all 4 pre season tests, we are not wasting money and we are really focused in improve each race and score more points than last year. My goals are to be each race faster and try to score as many points as possible. It is not gonna be easy, the drivers in GPVWC Superleague are very fast. I really wanna help the team, they gave me the opportunity to race and I hope me and my teammate can put the team in top 10 in the final constructors standings."

Bart De Vos, test and reserve driver: "It is indeed great to continue with Storm Racing. My short stint as Storm Racing driver last season convinced me that at the moment I am not ready to commit to a full racing season again, the reason for this being mostly that I've reached a point where other aspects of my life require more time. Especially in a highly competitive environment like Superleague it would really hurt my team if preparation can't always be optimal. But being a development driver is a great way to remain involved. With Ricardo and Vinicius it seems like there finally is some stability again. They are both very quick and committed drivers. Combined with management experience from Emanuel I know we will have a very competive package."

Emanuel is really looking forward to the first race, after a good pre-season for the team: ?After Martex decided to stop, we were approached by Pescara Edonis Engineering to help them develop the brand new Revent?n engine. Pescara Edonis has big ambitions for this season, so we decided to support them as much as we can with the development. Everything went well so far in preseason, the new engine works great, the new SR04 looks great both off and on the track, and the whole team is really motivated for the season ahead.

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