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Circuit of the Americas. 30 September 2020
July 25, 2019
Published on tags: International Touring Cup 2019


The grand total of 36 teams will compete for the 2019 International Touring Cup titles as the double-division series returns for the new season.
The International Touring Cup, as always, had a massive response in terms of entries and, as in 2018, the GPVWC Management decided to open two divisions to accommodate as many deserving teams as possible.

As in the past, some good entries could not be accommodated, due to the sheer limits of the grids, but the resulting rosters remain incredibly competitive nonetheless.

Division One:

1 Edge Esports
2 Streetfighter Racing Systems
3 Edonis Engineering
4 Smile Power Racing
5 Epic Racing Team
6 Draig Racing
7 YTF1
8 Aurora Motorsports
9 Rowen GP
10 Chaos Motorsport
11 Frami Autosport
12 TCS Off Racing
13 Powered by RSR
14 Team Rookie Monsters
15 GOTeam Racing
16 Kellamity MTR
17 NEO|Motorsport
18 TSA Racing

Division Two:

1 Racing Team Schroten
2 TTF Racing
3 CM-Tech Racing
4 GT Omega RPM eSports
5 AB Racing
6 DriveGameSeat Racing Team
7 Eight-Six eRacing
8 GhostworX Racing
9 H20 Namaco Racing
10 HM Engineering
11 Infinity GP
12 Neptune Simracing
13 Realish Racing
14 Reedingame Studios Racing
15 Royal Blue Racing
16 Santen Motorsports
17 Scuderia Bollesnegro
18 ST Racing

The first event of the series, the British Touring Cup at Brands Hatch, takes place on August 8th.

Selected teams will have until August 5th to change their car selection by notifying the GPVWC Management (Chris Williamson), with the deadline to submit liveries on the same date.

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