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Circuit of the Americas. 30 September 2020
February 02, 2020


As tradition, GPVWC Day, held in Malta, was the occasion for the GPVWC Awards to be presented.
As in recent years, the award winners were chosen by a jury of their own peers - namely, the team managers of each series.


Best Driver - Jannick Bock
Best Rookie - Matthias Muuss
Best of the Rest - Rait Kilk
Most Improved Driver - Daniel Brewer
Best Team - Evolution Motorsports
Best New Team - Scuderia Basilea
Best Livery - Epic Racing

Superleague Lights

Best Driver - Lukas Schmidt
Best of the Rest - Mark Hutchinson
Most Improved Driver - Jack Mayor
Best Team - Red Arrow
Best Livery - Draig Racing


Best Driver - Michael Francesconi
Best Rookie - Luca D?Amelio
Best of the Rest - Craig Patteson
Most Improved Driver - Douwe Tapper
Best Team - Fusion Racing
Best New Team - Fusion Racing
Best Livery - Zedderick Racing

Formula Challenge

Best Driver - Jonathan Holmes
Best of the Rest - Daniel Hurlock
Most Improved Driver - Frank Hamming
Best Team - AB Racing
Best Livery - mouseOne Racing

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