February 03, 2020


The GPVWC Management confirms 61 team line-up, that will take part in the 2020 Career Ladder, spread over four year-long series.
As the preseason tests are fast approaching, let's take a look at the confirmed teams for the 2020 season. The GPVWC's flagship series, the Superleague, Superleague Lights series will both feature 15 teams, with 15 teams participating in the Supercup series and 16 in the Formula Challenge.

The full team roster is as follows:

GPVWC Superleague

Evolution Motorsports.
Abruzzi Esports
Red Archer Virtual Racing Team
Edge Esports
Flag to Flag Simracing
Scuderia Basilea
Edonis Engineering
Green Stripes Racing
MadCape Racing Team
Streetfighter Racing Systems
Hawkeye Racing
Red Arrow Racing
Cosmo Seiki Japan
Holland Racing Team
Chaos Engineering

GPVWC Superleague Lights

TR Motorsports
Mayor Downard Racing Team
Scuderia Clay Geeli
Cenobite Motorsports
Royal Blue Racing
STAX Racing
Draig Racing
CM-tech Racing
TFF Racing
Zedderick Racing
TG Racing
Fusion Racing
TCS Off Racing
MouseOne Racing
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GPVWC Supercup

Malta Force GP
Rowen GP
ST Racing
Satellite Racing
H20 Namaco
Kellamity MTR
Razor GP
PZZW Racing
PB Racing
Pescara SRT
PLS Racing Team
Cliffhanger Racing

GPVWC Formula Challenge

Santen Motorsports
Storm Racing
Downforce Scalextric Racing
Rookie Monsters
Asombik Esport
Eight-Six eRacing
Fryslan Racing Team
HGP Motorsports
Neptune Simracing
Nova Simracing
RBA Racing
Team Gridline
Madness Racing
360 Motorsports
GPVWC Academy

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