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The 2015 Race of Champions is the fourth running of the GPVWC Race of Champions and marks the return of the event following the cancellation of the 2014 edition. The event was originally set to be held from November 3rd through to November 5th 2015, however both the Team and Individual events were postponed by a week following difficulties with the planned mod and then postponed further after further issues. Eventually, the dates were set for the 1st and 2nd December for the Team event, and the 3rd December for the Individual event, and the races would take place on these dates.

Prior to these postponements, the Team event was moved into one day on November 4th - instead of the usual two-day format - in order to ensure a higher quality event overall after a surprisingly low amount of confirmations of availability from drivers for the event. This would have resulted in some teams receiving byes through to the second round.

Cars Used

  • Audi R8 LMS Ultra
  • ISI Stock Car
  • Patalov DP4
  • Suzuki Swift
  • RoC Buggy (semi-finals and finals only)


The Team Event included 32 drivers - selected from the 2015 season's top drivers - organized in pairs - comprising of the best available drivers from the Superleague, Supercup, Formula Challenge, World Sport Series, World GT, International Touring Cup and Atlantic Series. This field provided 26 available drivers, and so 6 "wildcard" drivers - in Terence Grech, Tomeu Cabrer, Mikko Suokas, Joshua Anderson, Argenis Riera and Niels Brugman were permitted to compete, and their addition to the list created a full field of 32 drivers.

To guarantee a fair and balanced competition, the pairs were to be organised in inverted ranking orders. Drivers were put in order of GPVWC rank, and then placed N1 with N32, N2 with N31 etc. The teams were organised in a knock-out format, with the qualifiers taking place on December 1st and the final rounds on the 2nd.

The Individual Event followed a slightly different format, taking 16 of the best available drivers from 2015; all chosen from the same categories as before. The drivers were then organised into four groups of 4 with care taken to base group selection on inverted ranking orders once again. All 4 drivers within a group would face each other with the two drivers winning the most races advancing to a more standard knock-out format. The entire event was held on November 3rd.

Knock-Out Format

Each 'match-up' will be comprised of a maximum of five, one 'full-lap' - twice over the line - races in a best-of-five format. This gives each driver in the pairing the opportunity to race both opponents. If a tie-break is required then the driver from each team with the least wins will go head to head to decide which team progresses to the next stage of the competition. For example;

  • Driver 1 vs Driver 3
  • Driver 2 vs Driver 4
  • Driver 1 vs Driver 4
  • Driver 2 vs Driver 3
  • - Tie Break if Required -


Team Preliminary Rounds - Tuesday 2nd December

  • 18:00 Bulk of Mod Released
  • 18:50 HDV & GDB Files Released
  • 19:00 Practice
  • 19:15 Race of Champions 2015

Team Finals - Wednesday 3rd December

  • 18:50 HDV Files Released
  • 19:00 Practice
  • 19:15 Race of Champions 2015

Individual Event - Thursday 4th December

  • 19:00 Practice
  • 19:30 Race of Champions 2015


The draw for the competition. Cameron Brewster and Sven de Vries would take the win.
The pools for the Individual event. Sven de Vries would take the title.

Sven de Vries would take both titles, becoming the first driver ever to do so.

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2015 Race of Champions
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